performance in Wittgenstein House Vienna, video 7:00 min, 2012

Ludwig Wittgenstein did not like the classic curtains. For the house he build together with the architect Paul Engelmann he designed moving metal plates, which have the function of curtains for the large windows. The philosopher claimed that by designing these details, he displays the principles of his philosophy. This architecture is used as a means to exercise the logical thought.
The performance of Kamen Stoyanov uses the same architecture not like exercise of the thought, but to exercise the body. He build an installation in order to use the metal plates of Wittgenstein as a part of fitness machine. The performance shows how the rhythmic raising and lowering of the curtain can be a perfect bodybuilding tool. Before the exercise, the artist reads a part of the chapter called object from "Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle: Conversations Recorded by Friedrich Waismann" devoted to the hypothesis. Then he shows his own hypothesis about the use of this architectural object.
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