Two - cannal video, painting on vinyl advertisement, 2013 

Stoyanov discovered an unused and partially destroyed billboard in a wasteland near Sofia airport. The approximately 3x4m billboard was painted over with black paint in the original position by the artist on site as far as possible. The material moved due to the wind and therefore formed a living surface in contrast to the still canvas in the studio. The artist had to react physically to these cir-cumstances and created a kind of „minimal post-plein-air actionism“. A sculptural work of art was also created here: the volume of the hanging (artificial) fabric was emphasized by the monochrome and the dark colour. After completing the overpainting, the artist opens the new work of art in the second phase of the project - New Piece of Art. Now dressed in an elegant suit, he gives a speech in the style of institutional critic. The black vinyl relicte-poster is being hung up in the exhibition space and the action is projected onto the back. 

Katharina Swoboda

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