installation, wooden self-made football table, photography, video, 2014

The installation entitled "Learning from Angel" consist of a photography of wooden self-made football table, a replica of the same table and a video in which one can see the artist giving a background and and a comment of the work and a documentation of plaing children on the first table.
The artist was inspired for the creation of this object by a man with a roma origin from a small village on the bulgarian-turkish border. His name is Angel. He built for his grandchildren a small feriss wheel and a football table. Kamen Stoyanov went to visit him and to learn how to built such a table from a garbage. He filmed on video his plaing grandchildren and the other kids around. Kamen Stoyanov built his table in a more minimal way as it purpose is to be shown in exhibitions. In the popular game the movements of the human body are going trought the static figurs to the ball. The figurs in the Stoyanovs object can be seen as a methapor for the audiance - active as well as passive.

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