The Permanent Revolution of Georgi Konstantinov
written and directed by Kamen Stoyanov 
in progress / documentary, 75 min.

What is to be an anarchist your entire life and why anarchism is relevant today?
The Permanent Revolution of Georgi Konstantinov“ is a documentary project. The main charachter is the 90-ye-ar-old Bulgarian anarchist Georgi Konstantinov. Through his biography and work we look at alterna-tives in the political and social order and see how contemporary and valid they appear. Konstantinov became acquainted with anarchist ideas and literature already through his father and uncle. He was just 15 years old when the communist dictatorship was established in the late 1940s. In 1953, when he was 19, he and a friend of his built a bomb and detonated it in front of the only statue of Stalin in Sofia. The figure was torn from the base and fell on the ground. Two days later, Stalin himself died. This coincidence in time saved Konstantinov’s life, if the dictator had been alive the young anarchist would have been on death row. So he was sentenced to twenty years in prison instead, of which he served ten.
In the early 1970s, Konstantinov managed to escape from Bulgaria to Paris, where he pursued other anarchist activities. His main work he did in Paris was the book „Anti-History“ - a satirical deconstruction of the Bulgarian history, which in his words „is valid for the history of every national state“.
He has been living again in Sofia since 1991 and was engaged in the anarchist attempt for the so-cial revolution. He wrote a number of books published by the anarchist publishing house „Schrap-nell“, such as „Anarchism in the 21st Century“ (2019), „The End of State and Capital“ (2000) and many others.

Georgi Konstantinov
The “Robotrone revolution” puts the Social Revolution on the agenda of humanity. Therefore, in order to complete the robot revolution, which alone can truly liberate man, it is necessary to carry out the social one. At the same time, the “Robotrone revolution” puts the Social Revolution on the agenda! Even in today's world, with the development of the “Robotrone revolution”, despite the opposition from different countries and nature, the structures of the future will begin to emerge in life and new ideas, consciousness and attitudes will emerge among the masses.
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