two digital prints on Baryt, 93x120 cm, handwritten text, 2007

"I am traveling with a friend of mine who is a photographer from Vienna to Bratislava. He knows there is a tunnel in the periphery of the city in the neighbourhood Peterzhlaka. The tunnel is approximate 200 meter long and it is a blind tunnel. At the begin of the tunnel there is water and garbage. My friend is interested in it and takes pictures. I am filming him with the video camera. If one crosses the 50 meters of water there begins a dry part, but after another 20 meters there is total darkness. I am curios what is there? Next week we decide to go again. Same actions. This time we have rubber boots and we can walk easily in the cold water. I go deep into the darkness,
but than I hear strange sounds. I get scared and turn back very fast. I think if I only had have a light. Next time I will be prepared. We come again. This time with a light and we move slowly into the tunnel. We both hear noises as if some thing is moving. We turn and I decide to take the pictures
from the distance. My first wish was to take a photo from the wall at the end of the tunnel. I am arranging the large format camera and suddenly a man emerges from the darkness. I begin to talk
with him. I am trying to communicate with him in Slovak using my knowledge in Russian and Serbian. It works. His name is Dushan. The meaning of the name in Slavonik is soul. The „soul“ of the tunnel. This is his territories he said. He tells us he observed us from the darkness and he knows us from the last three weeks. It is not the first time that people come here to take pictures. Even
there have been shots for a gangster movie. He tells me that the tunnel is built for the Subway which construction stopped with the end of the socialist time. Nowadays there are prostitutes and immigrants around and the police hides with the car in the tunnel in order to catch them. I am asking him to allow me to take pictures from the wall at the end of the tunnel and we go there. He
lives there and he has some clothes, candles and a radio on.“
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