Up and Through
short movie, 4K, 10 minutes, 10:00 min, 2020
Best in Experimental at Dumbo Film Festival, NYC, USA, 2020
Produced and directed by Kamen Stoyanov 
Cinematography - Marin Kafedjiski  
Composer and sound design - Bojidar Spassov 

Synopsis: A journey of a bucket filled with sea water starts and continues up a steep cliff. On the cliff a man carries the bucket through an unfinished hotel. „Up And Through“ shows the post apocalyptic life of а wrecked hotel through its encounter with art. 
Receptionist - Alexander Todorov 
sweeper - Bojidar Spassov
1.    Man with a bucket - Teodor Stoyochev 
2.    Man with a bucket - Stoycho Stoychev
woman in bed - Victoria Dimova
woman on cross trainer - Simona Tsaneva
string quartett „Frosch“: Negina Stoyanova, Petja Dimitrova, Teodora Atanasova, Maria Valchanova The Quartet plays Illumina (Hi, рapa Haydn), 2018 by Bojidar Spassov

referenced art works in order of appearence:
Albert Bernard&Bernard Weber, Flag, 2012
Ivan Moudov, Performing Time, 2012
Vikenti Komitski, Together Again, modified political map of the world, 2009
Tomislav Gotovac, Cleaning of public spaces, Zagreb, 1981
Anne Glassner&Alfred Lenz, Influenced Nightmare, 2017
Katharina Swoboda, Untitled (Flying trees), 2013
Lazar Lyutakov, Lamp seriec, dimensions variable, ongoing
Vasilena Gankovska,  Hotel XXX, 120х170, oil on canvas, 2003
Bojidar Spassov, Illumina (Hi, рapa Haydn), a piece for a string quartet, 2018
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