documentary-experimental movie, 27:00 min, 2017
New Istanbul Dream investigates the construction side of the New Istanbul Airport. It will be the third airport in Istanbul, situated North West of the city on the black sea coast. Before the starting of the construction, the area has been home to villagers, animals and vegetation. Now the area is home to Erdogan's big dream: the biggest airport in the world. The film is showing the transformation from these two types of homelands: from personal to national.
This is happening in different ways and layers. The film consists of documentary shots showing the changing of the environment through the construction works. A performative layer based on the traditional Karagöz shadow play structures the movie. This layer opens a space of an imaginary and activist movement.
The sound includes records from the construction side and the surrounding area, as well as a questionnaire of the IGA (Istanbul Grand Airport company). This is answered by an inhabitant of the village Akpinar. There are also records from people from the villages around the airport talking about their dreams and wishes connected to their home. The movie ends with a special adaptation of a popular song by a local Turkish band in the setting of the airport.

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