Documentary-essayistic movie, 30:00 min, 2018
"IN-VISIBLE" shows not only an unusual view of the city of Ljubljana, but also explores the question of what lies behind the visible and the known. The filmmaker Kamen Stoyanov talks to the artist, author and geomancer Marko Pogačnik, who was part of the famous Slovenian artist group OHO.
His second encounter is Taubi, the initiator of the city tour „Invisible Ljubljana“ on which he takes the filmmaker Stoyanov with him. The unusual about this guided tour is that it is given by people with long experiences of homelessness. Today, Taubi lives in a residential house funded by the city. These places are taken up in the film and related to each other and to other places. The artist Pogačnik also dealt intensively with the hidden geography of the city with their energies and power points.
The cinematic communication between Pogačnik and Taubi is accompanied by the reflections of the filmmaker on the image and sound levels.
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