documentary-essayistic movie, 30:00 min, 2018
Using as an example the city of Ljubljana the documentary-essayistic film IN-VISIBLE shows not only an unusual view of a city, but also poses and puts the question of what can emerge behind the visible and the known. In the film Kamen Stoyanov talks to the artist and author Marko Pogacnik, who has been active in the field of art and geomancy for decades. His second encounter and a city guide is Taubi, the initiator and leader of the city tour „Invisible Ljubljana“. The unusual thing about this guided tour is that it is given by people who have had long experiences of homelessness. The communication between the filmmaker and Taubi ends in his private space, his present and city- sponsored room. The communication with Marko Pogacnik and Taubi is
not only accompanied by the thoughts of Kamen Stoyanov but happens also on the image level.

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