Air action in the sky of Sofia and light installation, Christopher Columbus Blvd., Sofia , video, 2:00 h, 2013

A flying human in flex wing with motor is pulling a banner with an arrow on it over the city of Sofia. One can also say that the arrow which represents the idea is pushing the airplane. The two hour air action realized by Kamen Stoyanov for “Near, Closer, Together – Exercises for a Common Ground” is a response to the current political climate in Bulgaria. In his work, Stoyanov criticizes the hegemonic narratives of culture manifested in the urban and the architectural. His curiosity about the transition or passage between what is art and what not shapes the means and gestures he chooses to create in order to destabilize the associations and concepts of coherent cultural orders. The Future Idea expresses his wish for a move beyond, for an expansion of the horizon and a search for a direction. What looks like a line might appear as a circle depending on where and how long you stand, in which direction and how fast you move. According to the artist, it is a sign of hope and absurdity at the same time. 
Övül Durmusoglu
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