Performance, 2013

Project of Kamen Stoyanov devoted to the 80th anniversary of the Rousse’s Art Gallery. The project focuses on the Rousses’s Art Gallery and the attitude of the artist born and raised in  the town. This is the first solo show of Kamen Stoyanov in this gallery. The 80 anniversary of the Rousse’s Art Gallery is an occasion that provides the opportunity to reconsider the space in the view of its concreteness and contemporary art response. The project is exposed at the right wing of the gallery in a small space separated by a door. Main topic of the exhibition is the emptiness and how it could be filled in. That acts as a comeback to the starting point of the gallery and to the main problem that the artist has when facing the white canvas.
When entering the right wing, right in the middle, the visitor spots a big rectangular space built up out of four big white canvases representing a gallery within the gallery. The walls, on which exhibits are usually hanged on, are left empty, fitting robes hanging in expectation.
The main focus of the installation – a performance, is based on a dream of the artist that repeats on a constant basis. In his dream the artist arrives for his solo show to notice the lack of whatsoever exhibits. To solve this problem, he tries installing his old works found in the gallery by chance, and thinks how he could possibly reverse the situation into something meaningful.
This is the situation represented in a conversation between Kamen Stoyanov and the psychologist Dessislava Liasova. The conversation is held within a closed space – a cube upholstered with mirror folios. In the middle of the space, on sculpture plinths, there is a place to sit. The image and the conversation are projected in real time on a screen outside the cube.

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