The permanent Revolution of Georgi Konstantinov
short documentary film, 4K, color, sound, 24 min, 2022

written and directed by Kamen Stoyanov 

Georgi Konstantinov Georgiev, nicknamed the Anarchy at the age of nineteen  organizes and carries out  the detonation of the Stalin monument in Borisova Garden in Sofia on March 3, 1953. The film shows his lifelong commitment to anarchist principles. Today, in his 80s, he continues to write and look to the future, to think about the social revolution.

Georgi Konstantinov
The “Robotrone revolution” puts the Social Revolution on the agenda of humanity. Therefore, in order to complete the robot revolution, which alone can truly liberate man, it is necessary to carry out the social one. At the same time, the “Robotrone revolution” puts the Social Revolution on the agenda! Even in today's world, with the development of the “Robotrone revolution”, despite the opposition from different countries and nature, the structures of the future will begin to emerge in life and new ideas, consciousness and attitudes will emerge among the masses.
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